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Episodes Choose Your Story 3

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Why are we so drawn to romantic love stories and fables about great adventures? Maybe because we want to experience them on our own, to be one of those very characters who come alive between the lines and make us feel alive too as we read about their ups and downs? Episodes Choose Your Story 3 takes this whole thing to an even more fascinating level allowing you to actually change the course of action and affect the development of the storyline with your choices and decisions!

Passionate romance or fantasy drama?

This amazing game that may look like a basic visual novel, but actually packs much more than just that offers a wide variety of stories that cater to different interests and preferences. From romance to drama, fantasy to adventure, the game has it all. If you’re more of a romantic kind of person, you can check out Love on Fire, for example. In this sizzling hot romance story, you play as a contestant on a reality dating show. You’ll meet a cast of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and compete for their affections while navigating the challenges of the show. Will you find true love, or will it all go up in flames?

Are you more into fantasy? Here is The Dragon Bride – a story that will take you on a journey to a mystical world where dragons roam free. You play as a young woman who is chosen to become the bride of the dragon king. As you navigate this new world, you’ll face dangerous creatures, magical powers, and difficult choices. You can find true love with the dragon king, or you can fight to escape this fate – the decision is yours!

Your choice matters!

And if you long to feel the taste of drama, you should really plunge into The Last Goodbye, an emotional story where you play as a woman who has just lost her husband in a tragic accident. As you try to move on with your life, you’ll be faced with difficult decisions and unexpected twists. Will you be able to find closure and move on, or will the past continue to haunt you? That remains to be seen! But one thing for sure – every time you start a new story, the ending can be quite different. It all depends on your actions and choices. So start playing Episodes Choose Your Story 3 right now and write one of your own!

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