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Episodes Choose Your Story 2

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Lack romance, adventure and excitement in real life? Wanna break out of the boundaries the dull reality imposes on us? In Episodes: Choose Your Story 2, the gameplay is all about making choices and exploring different storylines. It’s designed to give you the ultimate power to shape your own story and determine your own destiny. Within the limits of a certain story, of course. It will unfold to you bit by bit, just as if you were reading a book. But in contrast to that, you will be able to actually have a sway on the events by choosing what to say, what to do and whom to deal with (and how).

Just like being a novel hero!

As you progress through the story, you’ll encounter various locations and settings that are important to the plot. To move between these places, you’ll need to use the navigation menu located on the bottom of the screen. From here, you can select any area and explore it in detail. So regardless of what the plot line suggests, you don’t have to stick to it so strictly – you can just wander off and roam through the world of the story at will. Perhaps you’ll meet some new characters along the way and that, too, will affect how the events keep developing further!

Speaking of characters, they are central to what’s happening on the screen. All the events are tied to your relationships and interactions with different heroes that populate the story. Throughout the game, you’ll have plenty of conversations that can have just about any impact on the plot depending on how they go. These conversations are depicted in a dialogue format and allow you to interact with the characters and learn more about their personalities and motivations.

It’s your story to write!

During your communication episodes, you’ll also be presented with different choices that will affect the outcome of the story. These choices range from simple things like what to wear to more complex decisions that could affect your relationship with other characters. Plus, you’ll also encounter mini-games and challenges that test your skills and knowledge of the story. These challenges can be anything from solving a mystery to completing a task within a set time limit. So you definitely won’t be bored playing Episodes: Choose Your Story 2! With a vast array of options and opportunities to shape your story, you’ll surely be entertained for hours on end!

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