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A Taste of the Past

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Get ready for an epic culinary adventure aboard a train that’s heading to the afterlife! Sounds crazy, but it’s going to be a fascinating trip! You play as a young Chinese girl who has just lost her mother. Feeling sad and lonely, she gets on a train and suddenly realizes that it’s not just a simple train – there are all of her ancestors here too, and they are all eager to help you on your quest.

Explore, cook and make discoveries!

Your mission is to collect recipes from your mother’s cookbook and find the right ingredients to prepare these dishes along the way. You’ll have to navigate through mystical lands, solve puzzles, and find lots of exciting things about Chinese culture in order to collect the necessary ingredients. From the wise old grandmother who imparts valuable wisdom to the mischievous cousin who always has a trick up his sleeve, you’ll be surrounded by a cast of unforgettable characters who will give you a hand when necessary. Good luck!

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